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Terms and conditions (Terms) for accessing the Diners Club online facility to view your Account information (Online Service).

1.1These Terms become effective when you click the “I accept the terms and conditions” checkbox. You agree that access to your Account information through the Online Service is subject to these terms and conditions together with the terms and conditions of your Account. If you do not agree, please log out of this site.
1.2You must know, understand and comply with these Terms, and the terms and conditions of your Account, as they are a binding agreement between you and us.
1.3If there is a conflict between these Terms and the terms and conditions of your Account, the Terms and conditions of the Account will apply.
1.4Important clauses which may limit our responsibility or involve some risk for you will be in bold and italics or highlighted. You must pay special attention to these clauses.


We have defined some words for consistency. These words will begin with a capital letter, where indicated. Singular words include the plural and the other way round

AccountYour applicable personal, corporate or travel card account held with us.
Diners Club, we, us, ourDiners Club South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (Registration number 1956/000068/07), its successors in title or assigns.

2If you are a:
2.1Diners Club personal Account holder,
  • you or the secondary cardholder whom you have nominated as such, can view and access Account information and statements on your Account and the card account of the secondary cardholder.
2.2Diners Club Corporate Account holder:
  • To extent that you are authorized, you can view and access:
  • consolidated information on all cardholders on your Account; and
  • Account information and statements for each cardholder linked to your Account
2.3Diners Club Travel Lodge Account holder:
  • you can view and access Account information and statements on your Travel card Account. To the extent that you have authorized, your nominated travel management company may view and access Account information and statements on the Diners Club Travel Account.
3Persons with authority to view Account information will not be able to change any Account information contained in the Online Service. If you have any questions about the information displayed or contained on the Online Service, please call our Member Service Centre on 0861-DINERS (346377).
4Online Service depends on factors beyond our control, such as your internet service provider’s availability. We are not responsible for any loss or damage if a factor beyond our control arises and the Online Service is not available.
5You must not allow unauthorised persons to access or view your statements and Account information. We accept no liability or responsibility for any access or use of the Online Service in your name whether authorised by you or not.
6The Online Service is susceptible to interference, interception, monitoring and hacking, which you acknowledge together with any other associated risks. We try to guard against such risks but are not liable for any damages associated with or arising from such risks, damage, or loss or claims arising from interruption, malfunction, downtime, information systems, telecommunications, computer systems, technical failures and/or in relation to the Online Service.
7You indemnify us against any claims, loss or damage that may arise as a result of you or your employees or your authorised or unauthorised agents’ use of the Online Service negligently or otherwise.
8We have the right to terminate your access to the Online Service without prior notice, if we are of the view that you or your employees or agents are abusing this access or are using it for illegal or unlawful purposes and/or are not keeping to these Terms.
9If you access the Online Service from a public internet terminal (public terminal), such as an internet café, the information which you enter into the terminal is susceptible to being intercepted. We are not responsible if your Account is accessed by an un-authorised third party through the Online Service, or if you suffer any other loss or damage whatsoever, because your personal information has been intercepted because you access the Online Service using a public terminal.
10.1We may change these Terms at any time on notice to you to any address which you have chosen in terms your Account terms and conditions, and such changes will be binding on you.
10.2Any favour or concession that we allow you will not affect any of our rights contained here or elsewhere.
10.3The invalidity, illegality or unenforceability of any of the clauses of these Terms will not affect the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining clauses of these Terms.
10.4These Terms fall under and are governed by the laws of the Republic of South Africa.
10.5These Terms supplement any other agreement you may have with us, which other agreement/s will remain binding and enforceable.
10.6We are not responsible for any indirect or consequential loss or damage to anyone in relation to the Online Service no matter however caused or may arise.

Terms and Conditions effective from June 2011
Version: 6.0
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